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First State Bank is delighted to bring you the latest in internet banking technology.  Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at 940-644-2218.

Basic Online Security-

Cyber theft is a growing concern for anyone that uses the internet for any kind of transactions including internet banking, online shopping, etc. The problem with cyber theft is not just the monetary loss but also the impact it can take on your credit as well. There are several simple steps that you can take to protect yourself from becoming a victim of cyber theft which we have listed below.

  • Do not open attachments from e-mail
    • -Be on the alert for suspicious emails
  • Do not use public Internet access points
  • Reconcile Accounts Daily
  • Note any changes in the performance of your computer
    • Dramatic loss of speed, computer locks up, unexpected rebooting, unusual popups, etc.
  • Make sure that your employees know how and to whom to report suspicious activity to at your Company & the Bank
  • Contact the Bank if you:
    • Suspect a Fraudulent Transaction
    • If you are trying to process an Online Wire or ACH Batch & you receive a maintenance page.
    • If you receive an email claiming to be from the Bank and it is requesting personal/company information.
  • Attempt to keep up to date antivirus, spyware and firewalls on your devices
  • Use Strong passwords
    • Use a combination letters, numbers and symbols
    • Do not use the same password for internet banking that you use for everything else. Ex. Email and social networking sites
    • Change your password regularly
  • Physical Security
    • Shred documents containing personal information
    • Guard your pin number every time you type it in
    • Do not leave bank statements, credit/debit cards or anything else containing financial information lying around where it is easy for others to find.
  • Warning signs of a compromised system-
    • 1.  Your anti-virus software, for some reason, is disabled.
      2.  You cannot shutdown or restart your computer properly.
      3.  Your computer seems to be working really hard - the fan is running at a high speed, the drive access light is flashing constantly, but nothing is happening.
      4.  It takes a long time to open programs and perform simple tasks.
      5.  It seems to take forever to download web pages that you know should not take a long time.
      6.  Your Sent Items folder in your email program contains messages that you did not send.
      7.  The computer crashes unexpectedly - BSOD (blue screen of death) or reboots on its own.
      8.  You receive virus warnings and pop up alerts from software that you have not installed.
      9.  You detect a noticeable change in how the computer performs.  The computer is sluggish and performs poorly.

To report suspicious account activity call 940-644-2218

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